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HP ZombieFest

Where Harry Potter and Zombies collide

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Where Harry Potter and Zombies collide
Welcome to HP ZombieFest!
Where Harry Potter and Zombies collide!

What we're here for:
Let's face it- Zombies have become a very popular part of modern culture these days. From video games, to books and movies, and I'm sure everything in between, Zombies have poked their heads into the scene.

And what has been a bigger sensation than the Harry Potter books and movies over the past many years? But there has been very little overlap between the Harry Potter fandom and zombies, and some of us feel this needs to be remedied.

Which leads me to why we're here. HP ZombieFest is here to celebrate the merging of two very great ideas: Harry Potter, and Zombies.

Rules, FAQ, and Fest Schedule:
The official rules of HP ZombieFest can be found HERE.
The FAQ post can be found HERE.
The schedule for our 2012 ZombieFest can be found HERE

If you would like to contact the mod, we can be reached at: hp.zombiefest@gmail.com

hp_zombiefest - where HP and zombies collide
Prompting begins April 15th.
Sign-ups begin May 1st.